When I grow up…

when i grow up

It’s been kind of a busy last few days so I am just catching up on the blogs I like to follow.  A few days ago Alex at Refractory Ramblings from the Darkside asked, “What Would You DO?”

“What would you do if you could do anything? No worries of responsibilities, fears, insecurities? Nothing to hold you back… Do any of us know what we would do if this were a possibility? How many of us, meaning all of you reading, everyone out there living, are living our dreams?  Living without abandon. Not to mean giving up paying your bills and living off the grid, although that it is a dream for some. But truly following your passion. Do we even know what it is?”


I know I recently touched on this a little bit- Looking for Love.  And the gist of it was that I have no idea.  But secretly, I think I really want to be Buffy Summers, or Veronica Mars, or Max Guevara, Sydney Bristow, Zoe Washburn, River Tam, Willow Rosenburg, Cordelia Chase, Jo Harvelle, Charlie Bradbury, Piper Halliwell, Faith Lehane, Winifred Burkle, Sarah Connor, Parker, Lois Lane… I could go on and on (and I think I have!).   But my point- I want to be a superhero!  I want to have this meaning and purpose that it seems these characters are so driven by.  Some of them are called or chosen, and some of them choose to be part of the fight.  I want to be part of the fight… I guess I’m still looking for my fight?

Now I’m afraid my exhaustion and sleepiness are finally catching up to me and I might be rambling on a bit.  I just… I dunno.  I read Alex’s post and was inspired to try to answer that question here.  Or at least, confess the true wish.  So, in keeping with my usual format- 2 videos that make me want to be Buffy Summers or part of her gang:

“BTVS and Angel Trailer” by carsmell borp



“Make Me Wanna Die”  by Illyrium24



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  1. ccchanel41
    Oct 07, 2014 @ 14:58:33

    Very cool!!! -alex 😀

    Liked by 1 person


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