I am a Survivor

I am a Survivor

Fuck this shit.  I swear I’m done.
I’m tired.  I’m pissed.  Life’s supposed to have fun.
Seriously, “God,” what the hell is up?
You keep expecting me to go on- but once again I’m fucked.

20 years now- trying to find the place
But I can’t gain any ground with all this shit coming at my face.
“I am a Survivor”, God, I hate those words.
They define me and confine me and it’s what I’ve always heard.

I just want… just want to be ME
But it seems a survivor is all I’ll ever be.

Cancer is a bend in the river…

Cancer is a bend in the river
Once I might drown in
Life flows from me again
Once again my body betrays me
Hard to find a reason…
Maybe time to move on…
…Love finds a way.

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