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I need a hug

Hmmm… this isn’t the post I planned to write.  If you’ve followed this blog at all you know I am an undying Supernatural fan.  People roll their eyes at me now days when I mention it 🙂  But, it speaks to me.  Can’t help it!  There is a particular fanvid that shows (to me) PTSD in a way that my words never could.  I’ve been thinking about posting about it for a while now, and that was my plan tonight.  BUT, it’s not really the mood I’m in.  And when I pulled up my Supernatural playlist on youtube, I got caught up in some other vids.

I know this may not seem like a particularly important or revealing post, especially if you don’t watch the show.  But there really is something about this show that connects to me in a place I just can’t put words to.  And sometimes, that part of me needs to spend hours watching videos on youtube!  I think the first minute of this clip says it best:

I don’t know why I have such a need for people to understand why I love this show so much.  I get it- these are fictional characters.  I know it’s A TV SHOW.  But something about the stories and the characters and the emotion in this show… it’s real.  And it speaks to a very real need of my own.  That need for connection, for unconditional love.  “Somebody to die for, somebody to cry for, when I’m lonely…”

And if you’ve made it this far and watched the previous clips, you may be needing this one:


Gah.  Just… feels for this show.  So many feels.

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